Matt The Knife

The intense mentalist, magician, and speaker that's wickedly humorous, occasionally dangerous, and unapologetically irreverent.

"Con Man: Fraud, Confidence Crime & the Occult"

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During his more indiscriminate youth Matt was once a Grifter, Card Sharp (more commonly known as a Con Man and Card Cheat) as well as a pickpocket. But now reformed and working on behalf of a multitude of law enforcement agencies, private security firms, and corporations - he'll part the veil to give you an inside look like never before! This eye opening, candidly irreverent, and humorous romp in to society's underbelly educates while it entertains. His anecdotes teach you how to be in the known and the tricks to stay safe.

He'll discusses the Con Man himself, the mind set, and many of his methods. Included are a variety of the types of crimes, the techniques used to accomplish them, and how these methods have evolved. Perhaps most notable is his thorough discussion of their connections to people who supposedly speak with the dead, perform miracles, and do the seemingly impossible.

A high point is always found in his demonstrations of the things he's discussing (which might include memory implantation and removal, 3 Card Monte, pickpocketing, gypsy switches, change raising, speaking with the dead, card cheating, black money, psychic surgery, and the like).  Plus, time will be given for questions following the presentation.

You've seen TV and movies portray him... now meet the real deal!

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